Thursday, June 14, 2012

Latest Presentation on SQL Server Mirroring Given at Transcontinental's Offices

With a handful of System Administrators, Network Specialists and DBAs, I gave my third presentation on SQL Server Mirroring this afternoon.
Please find the Presentation Slide Deck here on SkyDrive.

Contenu - Contents

Introduction to-à Microsoft SQL Server Mirroring – Haut disponibilité avec des bases de données en mirroir. An updated version of this presentation will be given (mais en bilingue) based on several Blog posts, including:

- Connection Strings:
- Deep Dive (for those who are not satisfied with an intro, and need to use certificates, and complete code version of a mirror setup - mise en place d'un mirror par script, et sans domaine) :

Note that if you want to group Mirrored databases, to mimmick Availability Groups in SQL 2012, you simply have to create a SQL Agent Job with a step that has the ALTER Database DBName Set Partner Failover; for each database you want in the group.

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