Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SQL Server 2012 Synopsis - Mission Critical Applications Combined With The Fantastic 12 New Features or "The Baker's Dozen" as described by Microsoft this Week

Notes by Hugo S., Print Screens from three Microsoft Presentations

7 December, 2011 with Additions combined from early February 2012 day-long presentation of Server 2012’s Top 12 new features. Thank you Frank Wiemer (Data Platform head, Eastern Canada, based in Montreal, for your presentation slides). With these notes, I have tried to cut out any marketing spiel and just give the fact summary that’ll hopefully enable those who wish to have a great and deep overview of what is just about to be released (or already has by the time you read this). Click the Word icon below for the SkyDrive version, on Office Web Apps, Or the complete Word Doc from my Server

At the entrance to the tunnel, atop Penon D'Ifache, Calpé, Spain

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