Friday, February 24, 2012

What is the Most Deployed Database Engine in the World? You’d Be Surprised! It’s Serverless, Self-Contained & Transactional

Last year, I was asked to help validate an application database hosted on a Mac, when I was introduced to the public domain database engine SQLite. To my surprise, it is actually the most deployed database engine in the world, since it is so small and used by the likes of Skype, Mozilla, the iPhone/Apple, Symbian, PHP, Skype amongst others.

Development of SQLite is keep up thanks to a consortium made up of Mozilla, Bloomberg, Adobe and Oracle.  

In a Guest Editorial from Richard Morris, he describes how
Dr Richard Hipp placed his tiny database in the public domain with a wish that it be used without ever taking more than you give.

And I thought I knew about databases…humbled again!

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