Friday, December 17, 2010

Intel’s X25 Generation Solid State Disk Performing Well


Ever since I took myself voluntarily off company workstation support by installing Windows 7 on the corporate Dell E6400 laptop, I have noticed some instability due to Remote Desktop Connection Manager: each blue screen occurred while trying to connect to a Server within RDCMon or Powerpoint, but in the end, it was ultimately due to not installing the latest Intel Drivers related for the SSD (Sata to Chipset interface).

This nuisance was minor however, since Registry Mechanic cleaned up the machine and optimised services pretty well, and I am happy with the amazing performance of the X25 drive (nice 7.2 rating, as you can see below), although I could only afford the 80GB version…I would recommend at least 120GB for a comfortable Windows 7 install because I just installed Denali CTP1 and the drive is almost full :( 

To counter the lack of drive space, I have made use of Folder Compression, even on some Program File directories (after fully patched install) and it speeds up their access time across the disk at the expense of the decompression via the CPU. I would avoid this, but disk space is limited.
Next up, I will need to request some more RAM, since 2GB is pretty sparse.

Windows 7 performance with SSD

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