Monday, October 25, 2010

Next, Next, Next - Is SQL Server Installation In Need of a Warning Window to Avoid the Risk of Excess Instances?

After Reading Brad MacGehee's comments on TechEd conference today, I left a short but poignant comment that I hope will invoke some thoughts amongst the established SQL DBAs our there, or Senior Oracle DBAs who laugh at how many SQL Server instances that turn up on any given Windows-based network:

*SQL Bloggers side note* Keep trying to convince this accidental DBA to take the responsibility - his/her company may depend upon it.

We know it is not this person's fault there are so many SQL installs at his workplace - server sprawl is common issue across any infrastructure.  It's perhaps due to the fact it is too easy to install instances: imagine the typical scenario of next, next. next in the wizard and the Admin that has setup yet another on the network due to project pressure, lack of in-house DBA, or other involuntary reasons: this is why I am wondering if Microsoft should not provide a pop-up window during the install of SQL Server (or equivalent Bold message) with resources to avoid the pitfalls of increasing number of SQL instances unnecessarily - or maybe that would cut back on the proliferation..., ah, another story, I guess.  Anyone out there have a better solution?


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