Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Latest Simple-Talk.com Article Published on Deployment Management

After several months of reflection/rewrites with colleagues (because orignally I forgot the Rollback plan - oops), and reworking the bilingual templates, the great editors at Simple-Talk.com have pushed the latest work to the front page back in April:

 Deployment Management is Worth IT: These Templates Should Make You Believe It Too

by Hugo Shebbeare | 14 April 2010 |

Even experienced managers of IT operations can stumble over the most critical part- the documentation. If only there were useful examples around! We commissioned Hugo Shebbeare to explain what is required of such documentation, and why. He has also provided the... Read more...

Enjoy the FREE TEMPLATES for Change/Risk/Deployment Management, and, as always, look forward to your comments :)

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