Monday, March 23, 2009

Dot Net Usergroup in Montreal Presentation notes - Grouping Sets in SQL Server 2008

On March 11th, 2009, I gave a talk about Grouping Sets in SQL 2008 thanks in part to the original SQL Server Central front-page blog post on the subject and Rushabh Mehta's inability to be in two places at once:) 

As promised to those of you who were at the meeting (and for anyone else of course), here are the presentation notes as well as example scripts.

Speaking is very motivating to a very receptive crowd (as it was that night), and there are two more talks I have lined up:

1) in April:  SQL Server Data Compression in Burlington, Vermont, thanks to Roman Rehak's invite. Date to be posted as soon as I find his e-mail with the schedule.

2) June Will be joining Mario Cardinal, Jean-Yves Roy, and Erik Renaud at Vancouver’s International Developer Conference - Discussion on why Developers should care about Transaction Log Files

Merci à tous qui ont prit le temps dans cette énorme crise économique de m’écouter. A bientôt.

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