Friday, December 22, 2006

How this all started, blog number two

Although I have been thinking of doing this for a while, my first step was only taken late last year to at least decide on a name. Originaly I though of the database cluster as a good blog name, but my wife re-alligned me to create the Datbase Hive (and added SQL Server DBAs recently). Then early on this year at CDP Capital, I started to write the best practices for the analytical platform department to help the 20+ developers - so this is basically sterlised content from what I have written to them, with updates. I have eight or so months of content, taken from experience gained during a wide variety of jobs/contracts/mandates over nine years, so I shall be rapidly adding to this blog asap.

With regards to database experience in general: Since I started using Excel sheets in the mid ninetys and then progressively grew out of them after the 64,000 row limitation (at the time), and then grew out of Access, finally settled with SQL Server although I had originally trained on Oracle. After having to slice and dice millions of rows for so many years ('99-'01), I decided to go it on my own in the Spring of 2002 by starting Intellabase Solutions, shortly after having obtained Microsoft's mcdba certification (supposed to be only 100k of us?).

I shall be posting in English and French, and hopefully/eventually also in Spanish.

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